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I Shoulda Known Better


  1. I Shoulda Known Better Lyrics. I should have known better with a girl like you. That I would love everything that you do. And I do, hey hey, and I do. Whoa, whoa, I never realised what a kiss.
  2. to be wise enough, experienced enough, or well trained enough not to have done something wrong. Mary should have known better than to accept a lift from a stranger. Children should know better than to play in the road. See also: better, know.
  3. I shoulda known better. I'll never trust you again. It's a sticky situation and it's full of complication again. I shoulda. I shoulda known better. Forever and ever. I'll never love you again. I'll never love you again. I'll never trust you again.
  4. U Should've Known Better Lyrics: I didn't ask to go with you to Mexico / I really didn't need the shopping spree in LA or Melrose / Boy, if you didn't know it, well, now you know / I didn't need.
  5. I Shoulda Known Better. From Plank Road Publishing by Mike Wilson. We took a rock 'n' roll setting and an edgy, in-your-face lyrical approach to emphasize a "fight back" attitude in answering those who would influence us negatively. It is the story of one who falls into peer pressure, realizes the poor choice, learns a lesson, takes a stand and.
  6. I shoulda known better, nothing lasts forever Hey! It all started out in a tan Dodge van Two Hundred bucks that we stole from her dad Out the back of his meth lab, took the 45, and I would (out?) demand that Little Bonnie, bout to be a mommy, came to California with Johnny They had a run in with the law; she shoulda listened to her ma.
  7. I should have known better than to cheat a friend, And waste a chance that I'd been given, So I'm never gonna dance again, The way I danced with you, Now that you've gone, Now that you've gone, Now that you've gone Was what I did so wrong, So wrong that you had to leave me alone, I'm never gonna dance again, Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
  8. Shoulda known better I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I Shoulda known better It's true, I took our love for granted all along And trying to explain where I went wrong I just don't know I cry but tears don't seem to help me carry on Now there is no chance you'll come back home, got too much pride And I should have known better To lie to one as beautiful as you.

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